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  • High purity and premium quality
  • 100% Whey Protein Isolate
  • ZERO sugar, ZERO aspartame


Isolate Whey 100 CFM is 100% whey protein isolate of maximum purity and premium quality (Isolac®)

It has been enriched with digestive enzymes (Digezyme® and contains no sugar, and almost no fat. Its ingredients have been carefully chosen to boost recovery after workouts and to help you achieve the results you have planned.

To manufacture this premium protein, Weider uses advanced cross flow micro-filtration process (CFM) which produces a protein close to 90% of purity with all its properties intact. As a result, we obtain an isolate that is absorbed at a quick rate with an outstanding aminogram. It is also naturally rich in BCAAs, the essential amino acids needed for muscle regeneration and recovery.

Another strength of Isolate Whey 100 CFM is that its proteins come from milk from grass fed cows. What’s more, the Isolac® seal guarantees a selection of proteins of premium sources.

Great care has been taken when selecting Isolate Whey 100 CFM’s ingredients. And though it contains NO sugar and NO aspartame and it still has excellent dilution and great taste. And ideal choice to take after training, or to complete the protein intake at any time of day, for breakfast or to satiate in-between meals.

To finish this premium-quality protein, Isolate Whey 100 CFM includes a digestive enzyme combination (Digezyme® that ensures all nutrients are properly absorbed and assimilated.

Main characteristics of Isolate Whey 100 CFM.

  • 87% Protein
  • High quality sources (Isolac ®)
  • Made from grass-fed cow milk
  • No aspartame
  • Low-fat
  • With natural sweeteners: Stevia
  • With digestive enzymes (Digezyme®)
  • Suitable for vegetarians

Adequate protein intake is essential for the developing and maintaining the muscle mass. For this, Isolate Whey 100 CFM is an ideal supplement for athletes who want to boost their recovery, especially to care for the muscles during the fat loss and definition phases.

Thanks to its excellent properties, it is also an ideal choice for active people who do sports, take care of their health and diet.>

What if you try it? Visualize. Your efforts finally taking you to the level you’ve been looking for.


What's in it?
It is made from milk from cows grazing outdoors (Grass-Fed), from which a 100% whey protein isolate (Isolac patent) is extracted. The extraction of this protein is done cold to ensure the highest possible protein percentage, about 90%. Many other brands offer higher percentage protein isolate, but because they mix the protein isolate with others to raise that percentage. In Weider we assure you that ours is 100% isolated.
Does it assimilate quickly?
Isolate Whey 100 CMF includes Digezyme®, a combination of digestive enzymes that promotes better absorption and assimilation of nutrients.
Who is it for?
It is an IDEAL CHOICE for active people who take care of themselves and their diet. Perfect if your goal is muscle definition as it contains no sugars or aspartame. We recommend taking this product mixed with milk or water after training, although it can be consumed at any time of the day.
Are they a safe supplement?
Yes, they are a permitted and safe supplement. You just need to pay attention to the allergens. Zero sugars, zero aspartame and low in fat. Suitable for vegetarians and keto diets.

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