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Gummy bar

Longer runs than ever before!

  • Energy bars with fruit
  • Gummy texture
  • Enriched with vitamins, minerals and amino acids
  • Available with and without caffeine


Energy Jelly Bar is the new Victory Endurance bar, which provides easily digested and assimilated energy during training, with a pleasant texture in the form of jelly.
It contains rapidly assimilated carbohydrates, fruit pulp, amino acids, vitamins, electrolytes and also beetroot juice, rich in nitrates that promote vasodilation.
It stands out for its gelatinous texture, made with apple pulp, soft and very easy to swallow. This makes it much easier to swallow, as it is not necessary to chew too much. This new bar also opens up the possibilities of obtaining energy during training, and is an ideal alternative to gels.
What does it provide? Each bar provides:
Rapidly assimilated carbohydrates: one of the main causes of fatigue is that during prolonged training sessions glucose reserves are depleted. Energy Jelly Bar is a quick source of energy that nourishes the muscle cells, helping to optimise performance and reduce fatigue.
Chlorine, Potassium and Sodium, which help replenish electrolyte losses, contribute to water balance and prevent hydration.
Vitamin B1 and B6: contribute to normal energy metabolism and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
Amino acids: provides branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), L-arginine and taurine.
It contains virtually no fat or fibre, so it is very easily digested.
Plus, if you choose the caffeine-free option:
Beetroot juice: naturally very rich in nitrates, nitrates are precursors of nitric oxide, a vasodilator substance that improves oxygenation and performance during prolonged physical exertion.
If you choose the caffeinated option:
Caffeine and Guarana: ingredients with proven ergogenic action, i.e. they improve performance. In the short term because it stimulates the CNS (Central Nervous System) increasing our ability to concentrate, etc. but in reality it helps us in the long term because: 1) it activates the metabolism of fats, i.e. it facilitates their use for energy purposes, which improves performance because it saves glycogen; 2) it improves muscle contraction.
Energy Jelly Bar weighs very little, is convenient and concentrates without you noticing it, the ingredients you need to avoid the dreaded “birdies” and reach the goal with good results.


          What is it for?
          Provides easy energy in a convenient on-the-go format. Very useful to have on hand in moments of slump at work, while playing sports, playing a video game or to keep your attention at the wheel.
          What's in it?
          Powerful combination of caffeine that is supported and stimulated with guarana and taurine. You will notice the effect quickly.
          How is it used?
          You can take 8 gummies to provide you with 62 mg of caffeine, it will be like taking a coffee and a half, but in a different way.
          Do they contain gluten?
          They are allergen-free.

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