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Victory Endurance is a brand for endurance sports created by the company of Weider sports nutrition. Founded sixty years ago by Ben and Joe Weider, Weider Nutrition has grown from a family business one of the world’s largest multinationals in nutritional supplements for sport.

Joe Weider’s philosophy for sport’s nutrition has always been to utilize the highest quality ingredients, and therefore, in both the U.S and Germany, the Joe Weider Research Team is the top in research and development. The mass control of raw materials, the production process, and packaging takes only the utmost care. They also support a clean sport and do not believe prohibited substances should be included in the practice of it, so all Weider products are free of doping

Drawing on my notes from Biochemistry, I will try to make you a diagram with some basics of nutrition:

Nutrients are chemicals necessary for life. We can divide them into six sections:

  •         Carbohydrates
  •          Fats
  •         Proteins
  •          Vitamins
  •          Minerals
  •          Water

The body does produce small amounts of some of these chemicals, however, most of our nutrients must be obtained through food.  What are the functions, and do we really need each of these nutrients?

CarbohydratesProvide energy
FatsProvide energy
ProteinsBuild and repair tissues
Provide energy
VitaminsRegulate body processes
MineralsRegulate body processes
WaterRegulate body processes

Each of them are important, but not when acting alone.


Monosaccharides* are the simplest being a single molecule. It cannot be broken in more, so there is fast assimilation. E.g.: Glucose

Disaccharides*,composed of two molecules: sucrose and lactose.

Oligosaccharides*, composed of 3-10 molecules.

Polysaccharides*, composed 3-10 molecules.

* = Biofuels: Provide energy immediately to cells, responsible for maintaining the muscle activity, body temperature, blood pressure, bowel functioning, and neuronal activity. 

– PROTEINS: Molecules consisting of linear chains of amino acids (simplest element)


Structural: The most important (e.g.: Collagen)

Immunology:  Antibodies

Enzyme: Sucrose and pepsin

Contractile: Actin and myosin

Homeostatic: Assist in maintaining the pH (which acts as a chemical buffer)

Signal transduction: Rodosina

Protective or defensive: Thrombin fibrinogen

– FATS: Molecules consisting of fatty acids (classification depends on the degree of unsaturation degree, defined by the number of double bonds or triple)

Saturated fats: Found in lard, butter

Unsaturated fats**: Olive oil or sunflower oil. The most beneficial to the body to contain essential fatty acids

Trans fats: Obtained by the hydrogenation of vegetable oils. Very harmful.

**  = Monounsaturated fat: Reduced plasma levels of cholesterol associated with lipoproteins. Olive oil, avocado…

** = Polyunsaturated fats: Formed by ac. series fatty omega-3 and omega-6. In blue fish, oilseeds, nuts…